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Cadastral Property Surveyors in Adelaide

Cadastral surveying is a property surveying subdiscipline that regards land ownership laws. It exists to determine property boundaries whilst defining and advising boundary areas, land ownership states and a property’s interests, rights and restrictions. It also records this information for use in maps, plans and more. Adelaide property surveyors are typically enlisted to subdivide land into separate plots for ownership. Finally, they are also enlisted to redefine boundaries to facilitate property title transfer or define an ownerships’ physical definition.

Hennig & Co. Pty. Ltd. licensed cadastral surveyors, able to assist with the establishment and re-establishment of real property boundaries for public and privately-owned parcels of land. With a thorough approach and a dedication to only partnering you with the most professional and experienced property surveyors, we deliver exceptional results for a diverse range of clients, spanning private residential land-owners, corporate entities and government bodies.

With more than 45 years of experience in the fields of surveying, planning and management, Hennig & Co delivers the comprehensive support that your project needs to succeed. We’ve built close relationships with Local Government and Statutory Authorities, ensuring that any documentation processing associated with land surveying is completed as quickly as possible. Choose land surveyors with the background and the network required to deliver optimal results on any timeframe and speak to Hennig & Co today.

A precise approach to every project

This work cannot be completed to a substandard. It must be pinpoint accurate to advise authorities about a land parcel’s physical makeup. Therefore, Hennig & Co provide a comprehensive cadastral surveying service, covering both freehold and leasehold lands. Only surveyors licensed by the Surveyors Registration Board of Victoria are permitted to conduct cadastral surveys, and our team is proud to have achieved compliance with the standards and codes of ethics set by the Board.

From our head offices in Adelaide through to our regional branches across South Australia, Hennig & Co helps individuals and organisations clarify the boundaries of their properties, helping them avoid delays during the building process and potential legal action from adjacent property owners. We understand the need for thoroughness and attention to detail in our line of work, and endeavour to provide our clients with the full benefit of our extensive experience, achieving superior outcomes on projects of every size, from expansive developments to single-family detached homes.

Why is cadastral surveying important in Adelaide?

Cadastral surveying is so important because it helps protect a land owner’s rights. A verification of land boundaries and location is registered through an information register. Without this service, land boundaries, location and physical properties can become confused. Unfortunately, this also means that the rights of land owners can become skewed. This inevitably leads to disagreement regarding the land parcel’s physical makeup. So, this service ensures that disputes are avoided and that parcels are clearly defined for distribution.


Why is it important in Adelaide urban development?

Cadastral surveying in Adelaide is also essential for urban planning. Why? Because digital mapping helps analyse land for spatial features regarding roads, buildings, green areas, pavements and more. This work provides imperative information regarding pre-existing physical features like infrastructure networks and drainage systems.

Therefore, modern urban planning simply cannot be completed without this vital work. The surveyor must be able to take a precise snapshot of this information to accurately inform engineers and planners of any structures that could inhibit planning models.

Looking for the company who will deliver the support you need?

Ensure you’re working with surveyors you can rely on. Speak to the team at Hennig & Co at our head office on (08) 8297 0883 or make an enquiry via email at hennig@hennig.com.au and one of our staff will be in touch as soon as possible. Potential clients can also make contact via our enquiry form.