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Qualified Civil Surveyors in Adelaide

Urban development is leading the way to make our cities greater and wider than ever before. Public and private projects such as transport and roadworks, stadiums, carparks and dams each require ample planning. Part of this process is the engagement of qualified civil surveyors to map out and assess the viability of a project location. This work goes to everyone involved, from local councils to architects, builders and developers to ensure plans for a space are achievable and comply with all relevant guidelines.

Hennig & Co. Pty. Ltd. have been licensed surveyors assisting clients throughout Adelaide and regional SA with their civil, residential and corporate projects. When it comes to surveying, planning and project management; we’re one of the best in the industry. Our areas of expertise include, but are not limited to, property and boundary surveying, hydrographic surveying, engineering and project management consultancy. View a detailed list of our surveying services on site.


Why Hire Our Civil Surveyors for Your Next Project in Adelaide

Our team of professionals have years of experience and know how to expertly carry out every task without letting unnecessary delays occur and disrupt the progression of your project. There are many advantages to hiring civil surveyors for any projects you might be starting, for instance:

•    Expertise: Our team of civil surveyors possess extensive knowledge of land surveying, construction and legal regulations related to land use and zoning. They are equipped with the necessary skills to provide accurate and reliable land measurement and analysis to ensure your project is built in the right location and with the right dimensions.

•    State-of-the-Art Technology and Techniques: Hennig & Co’s civil surveyors use the latest technology and techniques to provide accurate land measurement and analysis. We use specialised tools like GPS, 3D laser scanners, and drones to obtain precise land measurements and create detailed maps and plans.

Comply with Legal Regulations: Our Adelaide civil surveyors ensure your project is adhering to all relevant laws and regulations, thereby minimising the chances of potential legal issues and delays from occurring for any land use, zoning and construction.

Cost Savings: By identifying the best use of land for specific projects, Hennig & Co’s civil surveyors can help to minimise construction expenses and avoid costly mistakes that can impact project timelines and budgets. By proactively identifying and resolving potential issues before construction begins, we can help to keep the project on track and within budget.

Increased Safety: Accurate land measurement and analysis by our civil surveyors help to ensure that construction projects are safe for workers and occupants. We identify potential hazards and risks, help to prevent accidents, and ensure to safely complete your venture.

Dedicated Identification and Resolution: Our Adelaide civil surveyors proactively identify and resolve potential issues before construction begins. By conducting thorough site analysis and design reviews, we help ensure your project is executed smoothly and without any significant setbacks.


Dedicated to serving communities in Adelaide & regional SA


As a family-owned business, we believe there’s no greater service than to your own community. For well over 40 years, Hennig & Co. Pty. Ltd. have had a presence in Adelaide and over that time, we’ve expanded our operations into various regional areas like Port Lincoln, Clare and Gawler. We recognise that strong relationships are the cornerstone of a successful business, whether they are with clients, local governments, regulatory authorities or other relevant parties. This commitment to our community and our client relationships has seen us complete projects across all sectors – public and private, residential, commercial and government. There’s almost no project outside our scope or expertise, and few local communities outside our reach. Browse our testimonials for first-hand accounts from our past clients.


Contact our civil surveyors


To start your next urban project off on the right foot, get in touch with our civil surveyors. You can reach our head offices in Adelaide on (08) 8297 0883 or browse our other locations. Alternatively, email hennig@hennig.com.au or submit our online form and we’ll be in touch soon.