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Professional Hydrographic Surveying Across Adelaide & SA


Hydrographic surveys are an essential element to the prep work for many water-based projects, such as dredging works, moorings and harbour facilities. With over 40 years of experience, Hennig & Co. are Adelaide’s trusted hydrographic surveyors for all manner of land projects throughout the city and regional areas. We’ve worked on both private and public projects in the commercial and government sectors, providing prompt results and accurate measurements. Our close relationships with many local governments and regulatory bodies has helped us to build a reputation as one of the leading, reliable surveying companies in the area.


Experts in hydrographic surveying, cadastral and more


There are many types of land surveying that companies and individuals may require, and at Hennig & Co. we are proud to service our community with a wide range of surveying services. As well as hydrographic surveys, we can assist with property surveying, cadastral or boundary surveying and civil surveying. We have worked on projects with varied clients including private residential, developers, corporate entities and government bodies. All of our surveyors are skilled and licensed to perform surveying projects in Adelaide.


Our many decades of experience have helped us to find a balance between the traditional techniques we know will work and investing in modern technologies that help us perform better. Our focus is always on providing accurate results and timely reporting for our clients. No matter what type of land surveying you’re looking for, we’ll be happy to assist.


How Hydrographic Surveyors Can Benefit Your Marine Construction and Engineering Projects


Hydrographic surveyors play a critical role in ensuring safe navigation for vessels by providing accurate and detailed information about the underwater environment. They use specialised equipment and techniques to measure and map the depth, shape, and other features of the seafloor, lakes, rivers, and other bodies of water.

There is a whole list of reasons why you should consider employing our hydrographic surveyors for your next maritime project, such as:

Ensure Safety: Hydrographic surveyors provide accurate and detailed data about the seafloor, water depth, and other underwater features for safe navigation and help you survey and avoid hazards (i.e., shallow water or rock formations) that could potentially damage vessels.

Adhere to Regulatory Standards: Our hydrographic surveyors have extensive knowledge of maritime activities’ legal regulations and industry standards. They make sure that your project complies with these regulations, minimising legal issues and delays using hydrographic surveys.

Minimise Costs: By identifying the best areas for dredging, marine construction, or other maritime activities, Hennig & Co’s hydrographic surveyors can help to minimise costs and avoid costly mistakes that could impact project timelines and budgets.

Expert Execution: At Hennig & Co, our hydrographic surveyors work closely with project managers, engineers, and other professionals to survey and provide the data necessary to plan and execute maritime projects in the most efficient and effective way possible.

Accurate Environmental Assessments: It is vital to note that hydrographic surveyors can also survey and present accurate assessments of underwater environmental conditions, such as water temperature, salinity, and pH levels. This information is essential for marine biology research, habitat mapping, and ecological impact assessments.

Quality Deliverables: Hennig & Co’s hydrographic surveyors aim to produce high-quality deliverables, including nautical charts, maps, and other products, that are used for safe navigation and other maritime operations as they are critical for the success and safety of maritime activities.


Speak with our surveyors


For fast, reliable hydrographic surveys – simply contact the licensed surveyors at Hennig & Co. Call our head office on (08) 8297 0883 or find the phone number for our regional offices here. You can also email hennig@hennig.com.au or submit our online form and we’ll be in touch soon.