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Land Surveying Services Across Adelaide and South Australia

Hennig & Co provide an expansive selection of land surveying services, meeting the needs of a diverse public and private organisations across a range of industries. From assisting with the development of new roads and bridges to conducting dredging surveys, we deliver the tailored support our South Australian clients need.

Nearly half a century of experience in land surveying, planning and management has provided us with a breadth and depth of knowledge, allowing us to provide assistance on a broad spectrum of residential, commercial and government projects. We pride ourselves on selecting only the most qualified land division surveyors to join our team, ensuring the advice and support you need to achieve your unique goals is always close at hand. It is our top priority to ensure our clients receive the best possible outcome when choosing to start a project with our team of South Australian subdivision surveyors. Speak to our team today to find out how we could support you in surveying a land division.

Our Broad Range of Subdivision Land Surveyor Services Available Around Adelaide and the Rest of South Australia

Hennig & Co can provide engineering surveys for a wide range of purposes. From building set out to structural steel work and calculating earthwork volumes, we assist developers of private and public property in a variety of ways. Our topographic surveys leverage state-of-the-art global positioning technology alongside conventional surveying methods, allowing us to produce accurate contour and detail surveys in plan and digital formats for residential, commercial, rural and horticultural allotments, helping you better understand the lay of the land. Hennig & Co has also provided project management services for residential and commercial projects, supervising land division applications and working as part of a consulting team of subdivision surveyors on major projects of hundreds of residential allotments.

Why Invest in Our Subdivision Land Surveyors in Adelaide and Throughout South Australia?

It is vital to get land division surveying done of the plot you are building on, to get an accurate idea of its boundaries and a multitude of other essential, technical information to best work with the area. There are a number of benefits to consider when debating whether or not to hire subdivision land surveyors in Adelaide and across South Australia, for instance:

• Establish Precise Boundaries: With the help of our subdivision land surveyors, you can rest assured that you will gain an accurate depiction of your plot’s boundaries. Having a clear idea of your property boundaries can assist you in devising an improved plan for what you aim to construct on the plot. Overall, it can help prevent any future land division disputes that could occur with neighbouring landowners in Adelaide and South Australia, thereby saving you from falling into a potential financial pitfall.

• Appraise Land Value: By hiring our Adelaide subdivision land surveyors, you can receive a precise property evaluation for the land and how the surrounding environment might affect its overall value. This can prevent your property from being undervalued or even overvalued, especially if you’re aiming for land division.

• Identify Area Topography: Our professional Adelaide subdivision land surveyors can assist you in figuring out the most accurate topographical details (i.e., flood or mudslide-prone, soil type, any structural issues) of the land before you purchase so you don’t make a financial misstep. In addition, gaining proper knowledge of the land’s topography can reduce the chances of making mistakes during construction. For instance, areas that are prone to flash floods or even hurricanes, require specific types of building constructions, so evacuation procedures are carried out without delay.

• Proper Property Distribution: When needing to perform land division of properties for residential or commercial purposes, hiring subdivision land surveyors allows you to create correct boundaries. This helps to prevent tenants from having to overpay than they actually need to and everyone receiving an equal area of space for similar rates. Overall, this keeps you safe from any future land division issues and other property troubles arising and causing your finances an unfortunate setback.

A dedication to our customers

We attribute our continued success to our ongoing devotion to our clients and to our business partners. We’ve fostered close relationships with local government and statutory authorities, allowing us to deliver the fastest possible documentation processing times possible, minimising the chance of hold up or delay for your project. As a family-owned business in South Australia with many years of experience under our belt, we ensure to establish open communication lines with every client to build trust and deliver a final result that not only meets but exceeds expectations. Choose a company focused on your success and work with Hennig & Co today.

Start a conversation with the land surveying staff at our Adelaide head offices on (08) 8297 0883 or via email at hennig@hennig.com.au and let our team take care of your questions. You can also send through an enquiry to our Adelaide land surveying professionals for any further queries you may have on land division or engineering surveys.