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Recent Projects

Hennig and Co Surveyors have recently been involved with The Road Upgrade Project at The OZ Minerals copper/ gold mine at Prominent Hill. Our role in the Mines Road Upgrade was to design and oversee the construction of the roads and to provide a quality assurance report on the constructions of these roads. The existing road pattern was surveyed for the purpose of redesigning and upgrading these roads to current specifications.


Whilst at The Prominent Hill mine site, our surveyors also assisted the onsite surveyors with day to day mining operation task such as;

  • Blast Pattern mark ups and pick ups
  • Grade control mark ups and Pickups
  • Ore mark ups
  • Pit Design surveys
    • Batter boards
    • Crest Stakes
    • Ramp set outs
    • Possible Acid Forming Soil (PAF) and Non Acid Forming Soil (NAF) set outs
    • Drop in points and Toe out Points
  • Temporary Bench Mark (TBM) placement
  • Incident report surveys


The process of the PAF and NAF set outs are to bury the PAF soil under the NAF soil. Surveys are taken at several stages during the burying process to ensure that all the PAF soil is covered under a designed about of NAF.


Our surveyors were also involved with the scanning process of the mines operation. This included the daily updated “PIT MODEL” which is a coordinated model of the pit. This model allows volumes and slides/ pit failures to be monitored. Scanning is also utilised with the volume calculation for the Ore Stockpiles.