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How long does a land division application take?

Standard land division normally take 4-6 months from date of lodging initial application until new Certificates of Title are issued, depending on the time Council and other government authorities take to issue their approval notice.



What does an Open Space contribution mean?

This is a monetary contribution payable to the “Development Assessment Commission” and requires developers of new allotments to pay a fee in to the Planning & Development Fund.



What is the Planning & Development Fund used for?

The fund is used for providing financial assistance to the local governments for the purchase, development and planning of regional open space throughout the state e.g. reserves and parks



When is Open Space not payable?

If the proposed allotments exceed 1 hectare in area, Open Space is not payable if the developer provides open space/ a reserve as part of their land division, (this is mainly in major sub divisions creating numerous allotments)



What is an SA Water Corporation augmentation charge?

In some areas, water supply and or wastewater systems operate at near or full capacity. As further development impacts on this infrastructure: each developer (seeking to create additional allotments) in an approved Augmentation Charge area is required to contribute towards the upgrade of the water supply and or waste water system. See link below to check if it is payable in your area? http://www.sawater.com.au/SAWater/DevelopersBuilders/ServicesForDevelopers/Augmentation_Charges.htm



What is the difference between a Surveyor and a Conveyancer?

Surveyors are required to prepare the final survey plans as lodged with the Land Titles Office in order for your new Certificates of Title to be issued. The surveyor handles the land division process on your behalf and deals directly with all government authorities. A Conveyancer prepares and lodges the appropriate documentation at the Lands Titles Office in order for your new Certificates of Title to be issued. The Conveyancer will deal directly with the banks on your behalf.



What is a significant tree?

A significant tree is a regulated tree that has a trunk circumference of 3 metres measured at a point 1 metre above natural ground level. For trees with multiple trunks, a significant tree is one that has a total circumference of 3 or more metres and an average circumference of 625mm or more measured at a point 1 metre above natural ground level.



What is a regulated tree?

A regulated tree is any tree with a trunk circumference of 2 or more metres measured at 1 metre or more above natural ground level


What is an Easement?

A section of land registered on your certificate of title, which gives someone the right to use the land for a specific purpose even though they are not the land owner



What is a Community title?

Meaning your title is a part of a Community Corporation and there may be some common interests including a common area, common infrastructure etc.


What is the difference between a Torrens Title and a Community Title?

A Torrens title is an independent title with no shared facilities or infrastructure. Whereas a Community title will have some shared facilities and these are to be maintained by all involved in the Community Corporation and frequent contributions are made into a joint fund for the up keeping of such shared facilities.



What is Semi detached?

Is two dwellings erected side by side, joined together. Different Council regulations apply to the size of these types of allotments. Most court yard homes are semi-detached.


How much does it cost to have my boundaries surveyed?

A boundary surveyis different for each block, depending on recent surveys in the area, any structures or obstacles. You will need to provide our office with the address of the property so we can carry out the appropriate search and advice. Also known as an “Identification Survey”